We’re Not Normal—By Choice!

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We know we’re not normal.  We’ve chosen this lifestyle at an age where most people are looking forward to a quiet retirement, spending time with the grandchildren and enjoying the comfort that their earnings provide. Our life is nothing like that, nope, not gonna happen. 

We moved aboard our Sailboat, the Jessie Marie in April of 2018  , as of this writing, only 2 1/2 months ago.  It’s been quite an adjustment for us and our three dogs.  Our main form of  transportation has switched from our vehicles to our dinghies which carry us and our dogs, groceries, tools, visitors and anything you can think of out to the big boat.  We’re on a mooring, so we are surrounded by water and insulated from the outside world. Our view is ever changing with the bustling of a tiny harbor on the Central Coast of California.  To walk the dogs, we must first board the dinghy, and motor to shore.  To connect to the internet out here requires adding a new line to our Verizon bill with a jetpack hotspot, not always the lightning speed that we took for granted on shore. We must provide all of our own power (solar) and heat (diesel fireplace) there is no place to plug a fancy appliance in as it would eat up too much power.  Our head (a bathroom is a “head” on a boat) is a composting toilet  https://natureshead.net/ (more on that in a different post later).  If we run out of water we have to dock the big boat and fill up the tanks from a hose  (we’re planning on purchasing a watermaker soon).  Our days are planned dependent on weather and tides; sometimes if the wind blows too hard we are stuck on the boat.  If something breaks we have to fix it ourselves, and a lot of stuff breaks on the boat. Our neighbors are fellow crazy people like us.  It’s a great community! 

So you may be asking yourself, “why would anyone want to do this, especially at retirement age”? Well, first of all it’s always been a dream of mine, since I was a little girl with my sailing parents. I just got started late.  Brian has always just loved the ocean, being from Freeport, Maine.  The main thing that attracts us both to this kind of lifestyle is FREEDOM.  We have no car payments, no mortgage, no cable bill.  We can pick up anytime we like and sail to foreign shores.  (Well, not yet, but soon!). Life gets so complicated sometimes that we forget to pay attention to our surroundings, what it really takes to survive and be self-sufficient in this crazy world. 

As I sit here typing this I’m surrounded by nature’s beauty.  A flooding tide, people kayaking by, cute sea otters tending their babies and the dogs looking at me longingly, wondering when they are going to get to shore for their romp and swim on the beach.  It doesn’t get much better than that. 

P.S. That picture up there ^^^ is of me on top of our mast, replacing the wind vane.  That’s way up there! 

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