Hiking the Sand Spit in Morro Bay

Hiking the Sand Spit, March-Sept (snowy plover protection period)
*This is the North end of the Morro Bay sand spit and not part of the State Park.  Access by water.*

I’ve got itchy feet. I’ve always been short on patience, but we are “stuck” here in “Beautiful Morro Bay” until the boat and we are cruise ready.  That’s what the locals call it , “Beautiful Morro Bay.”  It’s a tiny hamlet on the central coast of California with a small fishing fleet, a narrow channel of moored boats, some in better shape than others.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Morro Bay, I’m just not in love with it. I long for aqua clear waters and white sand beaches and warmth.  (Ask me again when we’re sweltering in the Sea of Cortez about the warmth thing, I’m sure I’ll have a different perspective).   It’s our first summer on the boat here and it has been cold and foggy.  The water is too cold to swim in.  We light the diesel heater every night. In. July.  Granted, I could drive for 45 minutes to Paso Robles where it’s 104, but there is no water there, so I regularly take this hike with the dogs and thought I would share it with you so that if you find yourself here waiting for weather, or just enjoying the surroundings you can get away from the crowds on the Embarcadero.   Continue reading “Hiking the Sand Spit in Morro Bay”