About Us


Hi There! We are Brian and Marie and you are invited to follow our adventures on SV Jessie Marie with us! 

We met in December, 2009 in Steamboat Springs, CO at a Wailer’s (of Bob Marley) concert.  After a great night of dancing to the jammon reggae under the big white tent, we both decided that we wanted to get to know one another better in a quieter environment. In reality, I grabbed him by the arm and said, “You’re coming with me”, and we have been together ever since. 

We soon realized that we no longer wanted to live in snow country anymore and both longed for the ocean. I’m originally from Newport Beach, California; Brian from Freeport Maine.  After a trip to visit family in California in September 2010, we decided to move there.  I asked Brian which part of California he liked the most, having travelled from San Diego to Morro Bay, and he replied “Balboa Island, Newport Beach”.  I was like, uh huh, sure. Maybe after we win the lottery. Six weeks (!) later we ended up settling in Los Osos, CA, a little village just north of San Luis Obispo and just south of Morro Bay, our current home port.   So began our journey that brought us to where we are now; living aboard Jessie Marie, a 44′ Pearson Countess Ketch. 

Our plan is to sail South to Baja, destination: Sea of Cortez, this fall (2018) and to grow our following while traveling on Jessie Marie.  We realized that there are a lot of people like us who are choosing an alternative “retirement” by simplifying life and enjoying every day to its fullest while pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. 



Meet Zoey!


Zoey is our 7 year old Labrador Retriever.  Although a water dog, we’ve discovered that she prefers to be in the water rather than on the water.  She will go to great lengths, including crashing through huge breakers at the beach to retrieve her ball for you. She is working on remaining calm wile sailing, all the while looking longingly to the shoreline dreaming of her next ball session. 




Meet Skeeter! 



Skeeter is our 1 1/2 year old “Chorkie”  (Chihuahua and Yorkie mix). She is a little over 5 lbs but she makes up for it with her gumption and bravery.  She is the easiest one to have on the boat because she grew up on it and because of her small size. Her lack of shedding is a bonus too.   She’s a good little swimmer, but prefers not to.  She thinks that she is a big dog like Zoey and Granger so does not yippity yap or have any of those other annoying little dog traits.  Good Girl! 




Meet Granger! 


Granger is a 9 year old cattle dog (Blue Heeler) who we rescued at the age of 4.  He has come a long way, but still has not overcome his separation anxiety so he is velcroed to Momma.  He’s a good sailor and remains calm if we remain calm.  He doesn’t like it too much when all hell breaks loose on the deck, but he calms down as soon as we do.  Swimming does not come naturally for him, but he does like to race Zoey to shore when they leap from the dinghy once in awhile.  He is such a good boy that when he relieves himself, he actually lifts his leg overboard.